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About the piece computer registry: #

First, some aid keys… #

⚿ SHORTHAND: Piece computer is short for world piece computer.
⚿ ACRONYMS: pc stands for piece computer, wpc for world piece computer, upc for the universal piece computer, tup for the universal piece, and wp for world piece.

⚿ CONCEPT: Piece computers are operated.

By definition, there exists only one operator per piece computer in a given moment. Also by definition, operators must possess a Human brain. World piece computer executive function thus, cannot be automated.

⚿ TERM: The Individual, is what we call an active pc operator.

The Individual operates world piece computers as individuals and communities, plus the universal piece computer at large. For community world piece computers, or the universal piece computer as a whole, The Individual represents the personification of all active piece computer operators taken as a single identity.

⚿ DISTINCTION: Active means a person is providing executive function for a pc.

An active operator is serving as The Individual within that particular pc. Because a pc may only be operated by one and only one Human at a time, a person that is involved in operating multiple piece computers (such as an individual pc and any additional community pcs) may only operate one at a time. Individuals whos personal pc is part of a community pc (serving as a subcomponent) are said to be operating within that larger pc, not operating the larger pc.

Ownership: #

The Individual #

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No single individual owns the universal piece computer. However, accountability must be maintained, so The Individual is used to ascribe the actions taken by Human pc operators to corresponding consequences. By definition, The Individual serves to satisfy and honor The Human Imperative. If this is not being done by a person attempting to operate a pc within the upc at large, then resulting actions taken by said person are not on behalf of The Individudal. Resulting consequences in that case would not be taken to improve the engineered identity of The Individual, rather, they would be born on the person without affiliation to the universal piece computer.


We call the owner of an individual piece computer, its operator. The owner of a local piece computer is the sum of the individual pc operators–the community–who contribute their personal world piece computers to the pc network that forms the larger world piece computer.

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